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Tripolina wooden frame with high-quality vegetable tanned leather is used to craft this Polo cover. Same leather used to manufacture Polo boots and saddles. Natural range marks, scars, and wrinkles confirm the authenticity of the leather and enhance the natural beauty of the product. This Malbec cover looks more reddish and really Argentinian like the actual Malbec wine.

The Tripolina is a folding chair made out of wood with metal swivel joints and leather. The original chair was invented by the Englishman Joseph B. Fenby and patented in the United States in 1881. It was used in military campaigns, where it was ideal because it was designed as a camping chair of great stability in the sand and also to fold up compactly while still being comfortable.聽

It was manufactured by the Italian Vigan貌 company in Tripoli, Libya. They stamped the hides with their distinctive oval company logo.

Our Tripolina chair is 100% made of Argentinian special wood from Patagonia called lenga fueguina and high-quality polo leather handmade dyed and hides environmentally-friendly vegetable-tanned from Argentina.聽

The frame wood becomes from a tree that contains special characteristics in terms of flexibility and lightness, it's a tree from Patagonia that supports more than 200 km/h of wind force. Our artisan's hand dyed the frames and you can select the wooden frame between 3 different colors all made in Patagonia lenga wood: oak, natural (virgin wood) or wengue (black).

100% handcrafted by hands of Argentine artisans.

Collapsible ideal to ship anywhere in the world or carry with you on your flight home from Buenos Aires.

Chair open:
36 inches (91 cm) height聽
28 inches (71 cm) wide
29 inches (74 cm) depth
Folded up and inside carrying tote bag = 42 inches high (106 cm)聽
Seat leather cover:

28 inches (71 cm) top wide
27 inches (69 cm) bottom wide聽
41 inches (104 cm) length聽

Weight of the chair + leather = 6.4 kg / 14 pounds

  • MEASUREMENTS:聽36"H x 28"W x 29"D // 91cm聽H x 71 W x 74 D
  • MATERIALS:聽Argentinian saddle leather + lenga fueguina wood + iron hinges聽
  • 3 FRAME COLORS: Natural light wood, Oak wood and Wengue (brown and black, similar to a coffee bean)聽wood.聽
  • ORIGIN:聽Buenos Aires,聽Argentina
  • HANDMADE 100% BY OUR EXPERT ARTISANS:聽Comes with hand-numbered certificate

This chair comes with an聽environmental friendly bag that makes it easy to carry on adventures.

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