How to Assemble the Palermo butterfly leather chair

BIG BKF Buenos Aires聽offers a simple process for assembling聽and being聽ready to use聽within minutes. Once you've assembled the frame in聽3 easy steps聽you can attach聽the leather cover to the frame and start enjoying your new Big BKF!

These four design pieces can be put together in just three simple steps, all of which will be quicker and more enjoyable (trust us) if you grab a buddy and a glass of wine. So find the nicest person you know, the best wine you have on hand, and follow the step-by-step video guide below:

Click here to watch the VIDEO: How to assemble the Big BKF Butterfly Leather Chair

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Step 1:


Ask your buddy to hold the tallest back piece in a spread out 鈥渪鈥 (see below). First, connect the top back left corner (A + J). Next, have your friend keep a firm grip on that corner while you connect the bottom back left corner (C + L). Put your friend鈥檚 foot on the bottom corner to hold that in place.

Step 2:


Give your helper a high five for their balancing abilities and connect the top back right corner (B + E). Do the same with the bottom back right corner (D + G). Ask your friend to keep their hands on the top corners and feet on the bottom corners to stabilize everything. Almost done!

Step 3:


It鈥檚 time to connect the last piece 鈥 do this the same way you did the others: front top right (M + F), then front bottom right (O + H). Now, the final connection: front top left (N + I), then front bottom left (P + K). Don鈥檛 be afraid to use a little force. ALL DONE! Put the cover on, sit down, and treat yourself to that glass of wine.

We test each frame to ensure that it fits perfectly, and sometimes at the joints there are little scratches, but those are not visible when it is assembled. And in regards to it possibly not sitting flat, sometimes if the joint connections aren't in 100%, it will be a tiny bit shaky, but once you use it a bit and the joints come together fully, it will sit flat.聽


A -> J

C -> L

B聽-> E

D -> G

M -> F

O -> H

N -> I

P -> K